Why Are People Sleeping Better with CBN Gummies?

People around the country are struggling to get a good night's sleep. 40% of adults in the USA at any given time are suffering from insufficient sleep, and almost 50% of Americans report that they struggle with feeling sleepy at least three days every week.

Throughout the last few years, the demand for non-prescription over-the-counter sleep aids has increased dramatically. More people are turning to CBD and other cannabinoids to help them get a great night’s sleep without the side effects of not-so-natural sleep aid products.

CBN Gummies for Sleep

CBN or cannabinol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Like many other minor cannabinoids, CBN can be produced from hemp extract and is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

CBN is more relaxing than CBD, making it a practical option for sleep. Using Happy Vibes CBD and CBN gummies helps to provide a comprehensive effect that helps relax your body and mind before you get into bed and get the rest you deserve.

The best CBN gummies on the market today are made by us at Happy Vibes. We can say this confidently because our blend is the only one that combines the effective power of CBN, CBD, and Melatonin to give you the best night of sleep you could ever dream of! These three components of our proprietary blend each have unique characteristics. CBD relaxes the body to wind down for sleep, then Melatonin gives your body the signal that it is ready to sleep, and lastly–but certainly not least–CBN helps the body fall into a deep sleep and stay fast asleep through the night.

Combining melatonin with CBN gummies for sleep offers the benefit of enhanced sleep quality while also helping individuals to fall asleep faster.

CBD and CBN gummies are non-addictive and taste great, making them the ideal choice for anyone interested in getting the best night’s rest.

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